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MedAnalytica™ – Uncover value. Expand market opportunities.

We help uncover value – the important advantages and perspectives that are only ­by researching, compiling and quantifying market and peer-reviewed data.

With L3 medical analytics, or MedAnalytica, we can gather the necessary market intel and generate health economic models that provide invaluable insight into your market and your product or service.

We’ll help answer these questions:

  • What is the value of my product? (how do I determine the value of my product)
  • What price will the market bear? (how do I set product pricing)
  • What benefits can we provide? (what do my customers)
  • What is the impact of implementing my product?
  • How does my product improve current care?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • In which market will we have the greatest opportunity?
  • How quickly will customers adopt?

L3 MedAnalytica services include:

  • Market research. Assess and guide market opportunity, company and product strategy, product design, resource allocation, market requirements, and sales targeting.
  • Evidence-based healthcare models. Objective tools based on peer-reviewed literature that help quantify the impact of your product or service compared to status quo or other competitors.

For additional details on our many services, please contact us.

 Value of health economic modeling:

  • Assess the impact of product performance on clinical value
  • Identify clinical, economic and operational advantages
  • Identify competitive advantages that enhance product positioning
  • Uncover and enhance value propositions
  • Establish and validate pricing strategies based on comparable systems while factoring in the cost benefits to the healthcare system
  • Establish or refine customer targeting
  • Sales and other resource allocation
  • Targeting high value and high probability opportunities
  • Expedite the sales process
  • Increase credibility with your customers by ensuring there are meaningful exchanges and additional evidence that support product adoption

High Quality Clinical Tools

L3 provided high quality educational and promotional tools for our target clinical audience. Read More>>

Scott Mader President & CEO, Clindevor 360