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Your Integrated Marketing Department

When you need marketing but lack the time, expertise or funding to support the added headcount, L3 Healthcare’s marketing services are an ideal solution.  Our services go beyond a traditional marketing agency – we provide the marketing manpower when you need it, the know-how gained from years of experience, and the expertise you hope to one day hire.  Out-sourcing L3 marketing services is a cost effective and immediate marketing solution that allows you to focus on growing the business.

We offer a wide-range of strategic and tactical marketing solutions. From à la carte services to full-service projects, we know the latest trends, what works, and how to execute.  We use our resources, team and technology to maximize the return on your marketing investment.  With L3, you gain an entire department for a fraction of the cost of hiring.

As your company grows, you may bring on the additional marketing staff.  No problem.  By reaching this point, it’s a sign of our mutual success, and one we embrace.  We help transition projects and provide guidance to new staff members.  Even with a full team, our clients continue to work with L3 as they seek solutions to changes in the market and competition, and during various stages of company growth where gaps inevitably form.

For details on our tailored and effective marketing services, please contact us.

Our marketing services include:

  • Product and market requirements
  • Content marketing and messaging
  • Branding
  • Product labeling and packaging (clinical trials and launch)
  • Sales tools
  • Planning and budgeting – marketing, tradeshow, advertising, social media
  • Website development, redesign, management, SEO and analytics
  • Corporate, investor and board presentations
  • CRM design and implementation
  • Sales and distribution training tools
  • Tradeshow/Conference coordination and management

I Will Use L3 Healthcare Again

We were referred to L3 Healthcare by a friend and were pleasantly surprised by how amazing they were. We are a small start-up company and our budget is somewhat limited but Stacey with L3 found a way to make it work for us. It means the world that she was able to find a number that we could both work with and this will definitely be a long-term relationship because of that. The customer care, quality of work, and efficiency of delivery are all reasons why I will use L3 Healthcare again.

Phene Wardlaw Unity Beverage

EDC Design & Configuration

I would highly recommend evaluating iMedNet and allowing L3 to design and configure the system. Read More>>

Christopher L. Emery, M.D., D. (ABMM) Director, In Vitro Diagnostics Development and Clinical Trials Group, Indiana University Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Innovative Design

L3 was able to take a startup budget and deliver a design aesthetic of a Fortune 500. Read More>>

Han Chen CEO, ZeaKal, Inc.

High Quality Clinical Tools

L3 provided high quality educational and promotional tools for our target clinical audience. Read More>>

Scott Mader President & CEO, Clindevor 360

Effective Content Marketing

L3 delivered a really effective marketing platform through social media, email newsletters and blogs. Read More>>

Brad Tritle President & CEO, Vitaphone U.S.