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Nathan Plaisted
Graphic Designer and Fine Artist

Camarillo, California

844.534.6835 x206

Nathan is a graphic designer and fine artist who brings a wide range of creative genius to L3 Healthcare. He has a knack for hyperrealism and uniquely possesses experience in both design and healthcare. A multipotentialite of sorts, with many talents that help incorporate art with clinical applications.

Nathan’s artwork and designs have been exhibited in galleries and museums across Southern California. Based on an unconcealed love for coffee, he has created and exhibited his work at Specialty Coffee EXPO (Seattle, WA), the largest coffee industry event in North America. His work is also included in the private collection of CSUCI’s President, Dr. Erika Beck.

Nathan’s healthcare experience includes working as a Nutrition Assistant at Hoag Hospital, where he researched studies, worked with Registered Dieticians and had direct interaction with patients with specific nutritional requirements. He remains interested in the interpersonal relationship of individuals with coffee and the world impact.

With a lifelong love of visual analysis and interpretation, and a motivation to explore culture and creativity, Nathan earned two degrees from California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI); a BA in Art Studio (with emphasis in graphic design) and a BA in Art History.

A San Diego native, Nathan currently lives in Camarillo, California with his wife, Bernadette, where home espresso is meticulously crafted and fuels his many creative pursuits.